Rare Vibe = Unique Frequency

When I look around, especially in this age of social media, I see a lot of people trying hard to be like someone else. Many of them doing it subconsciously – myself included. In these moments, I’ve realized that by trying to emulate someone, we’ll always be a second rate version of that other person, at best. 

So, why were we doing it? 

For us, it was the realization that sometimes we don’t like who we are, so we find solace in being like the people we admire. From this understanding—Rare Vibe was born.

Founded by Drae Slapz, Rare Vibe is a record label and clothing brand based in Portland, OR. We’re built on bringing your Rare Vibe or “unique frequency” into the world by promoting and encouraging you to be the best version of yourself every single day.

Why be a second rate version of someone else when no one in the world can be a better version of you than you?